Galvin Lim

Galvin Lim, Les Amis, Singapore

Les Amis’ Executive Chef, Galvin Lim, began his culinary odyssey as a student at the SHATEC Institute. After graduation, he worked his way up through the ranks at Shangri‐La’s now defunct La Tour Restaurant, where he spent eight years under the tutelage of Mentor‐Chef David Mollicorne, before joining the Au Jardin opening team as Resident Chef.

Over the years, he has trained in some of the world’s most renowned kitchens, such as Lameloise in Burgundy, Le Gavroche in London, and Les Elysées du Vernet in Paris under Alain Solivérès. His style of French cooking at Au Jardin emphasises the balance and contrast of flavours and textures whilst using a combination of various products.

* What are you most excited about with regards to participating in this year’s World Gourmet Festival?
I am excited to be given the opportunity to be associated with the established Four Seasons Hotel and be provided with the platform to showcase my cuisine on an international stage like this.

* What is the one dish you’ll be preparing that visitors to the festival shouldn’t miss?
The Wagyu smoked in hay because it embodies a delightful sweet aroma after being smoked in hay that is imported from Alsace.

* Describe your cooking philosophy.
Simplicity and precision cooking with quality products.

* Are there any key ingredients you’ll be bringing with you from home?
Nudja chilli and dry hay.

* What do you never travel without?
My personal set of knives which has followed me since I started my professional culinary journey- unchanged since 1987. It holds sentimental value.

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