Robert Schinkel

Meet Robert Schinkel, Mixologist and Ambassador for Dilmah Tea

Robert Schinkel, from Amsterdam in the Netherlands, has been Dilmah’s ambassador on tea mixology for the last five years.  During theis time, he has been a speaker, presenter and motivator in the world of cocktails and F&B, presenting this new trend in the world of cocktails throughout the world, demonstrating inspiring drinks with Dilmah tea in countries like China, Sri Lanka, France, Indonesia, Portugal, Thailand, Belgium, Kuwait, The Netherlands, Spain, Czech Republic and India, training staff at 5-star properties worldwide, and teaching many professional bartenders.

He started his career during his political sciences studies at the University of Amsterdam, working in various bars and restaurants.  It was there where he discovered his talent for hospitality and mixing drinks.

In 2006, when he was working in the famous restaurant, club and cocktail bar “The Mansion” in Amsterdam, he won one of the most prestigious international cocktail competitions, claiming the title “Remy Martin Bartender Style Master”.  This title was soon followed by national titles including  the “Southern Comfort Bartender of the Year 2007”, SCAE champion ”Coffee in Good Spirits 2008” and “Dilmah Tea Sommelier Champion 2009”, showing his broad knowledge about all kinds of different spirits and beverages.  In 2007 he started an agency focussing on hospitality and cocktail training.

Robert Schinkel is known for his innovating recipes, both with and without alcohol, and his skill to create signature drinks for persons, occasions or properties.  For Dilmah Tea, he has created three recipe books full of new tea-based drinks, and he is one of the speakers at the Dilmah International School of Tea, inspiring attendants from all over the world to look at tea from a different angle.

What are you most excited about with regards to participating in this year’s World Gourmet Festival?

Besides, of course, the tremendous honour of making a tea cocktail for your princess, I’m very excited about meeting all these chefs from all over the world and foodies from Thailand and beyond who will most certainly inspire me to grow further in my life and my work.

What is the one drink you’ll be preparing that visitors to the festival shouldn’t miss?

I’ll be creating a secret tea signature drink for this festival, capturing the spirit of Thailand. Don’t miss out on that one!

Describe your mixology philosophy.

My first ingredient is a warm welcome, my second ingredient is passion, and the rest is up to you.

Are there any key ingredients you’ll be bringing with you from home?

Tea is my key ingredient, but I’ll definitely bring some ingredients from home such as lavender, jenever and famous Dutch cheeses.

What do you never travel without?

I never travel without my black book of inspiration, my camera and my iPod and, of course, my cocktail gear.

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